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General Rules These apply to all links and general usage:

Breaking ANY of these rules will lead to the removal of your account!
  • Do not advertise Fast Download Links links directly on any form of traffic exchange services.
  • Do not place Fast Download Links links anywhere that may contain adult material (including advertising) or represent illegal content.
  • Do not shorten any website URLs that contain adult material or illegal content.
  • Do not offer any rewards for a visitor to click the Fast Download Links link, e.g. gifts, points, money.
  • Do not beg people to click on an Fast Download Links link to generate you revenue.
  • Do not create redirect loops with similar services (or Fast Download Links) to generate revenue or boost view count.
  • Do not create spam with Fast Download Links links anywhere, including forums/chat/comments/blogs/social networks.
  • Do not open an Fast Download Links link in a popup/popunder or iframe, it can only be a Fast Download Links link.
  • It is permitted to automatically redirect to an Fast Download Links link only with a HTTP Redirect (unless using one of our preapproved scripts, available on the Fast Download Links website). JavaScript redirect or meta-refresh are not allowed.
  • The only legitimate way to open an Fast Download Links link is with a mouse click, on the actual link. Bots do not count.
  • The usage of bots or scripts to boost view count and generate revenue is illegal.
  • We reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated by the owner of the Fast Download Links account, on their own links.

Advertiser Rules If your ads contain the following, they will get removed and banned:

  • Pop-ups, adware, malware, script injectors
  • Cookie Manipulation
  • Autoplaying sounds or videos
  • Any form of script or application that breaks the Fast Download Links frame
  • Anything related to illegal products or services
  • Explicit pornographic content
  • Any form of ad that tries to trick or 'lure' visitors using dishonest mean (i.e. faking a download button with no context)